Hugh Jackman is all wet in 'The Wolverine' motion poster

hugh-jackman-the-wolverine-poster.jpgIt's going to be pretty hard to get away from Hugh Jackman in the next several months.

The "Les Miserables" star got a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Thursday (Dec. 13), and he's nominated for both a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award, which likely puts him on the Oscar shortlist as well.

And after all that plays out, he'll be back on screen next summer with "The Wolverine" -- which brings us to this bit of business. The movie's international website has unveiled this "motion poster," which features Jackman's "X-Men" character kneeling on a rooftop above the Tokyo skyline and holding a samurai sword.

Oh, and it's raining. A lot. The raindrops provide the "motion" in the poster, and also serve as a further indication that "The Wolverine" -- which is due for release July 26 -- is likely to be a dark and brooding superhero movie.

Take a look at the poster below and tell us in the comments: Are you curious to see "The Wolverine"?

Photo/Video credit: 20th Century Fox