Hugh Jackman sharpens up for 'Wolverine' sequel

Hughjackman_xmenoriginswolverine_290 The claws are coming out again.

Today's trades are abuzz with news that Hugh Jackman will return (and produce) for a second movie about comic-book character Wolverine. While a sequel about Ryan Reynolds' "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" character Deadpool have been circulating recently, little has been said about the clawed Canadian's return.

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Spoilers follow, by the way, if you haven't yet seen "Wolverine."

The film ended with one of two teasers, depending on your theater: One showed Deadpool's survival, and the other followed Wolvie to Japan, echoing a famous storyline in the comic books from the 1980s.

The second "Wolverine" movie would follow that plot, with the Marvel Comics superhero learning the code of the samurai. Chris McQuarrie, who wrote the first "X-Men" movie, has been tapped to write this one as well.

The Deadpool movie, meanwhile, will compete for Reynolds' attention with his recently announced role as DC Comics superhero Green Lantern.


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