'I, Frankenstein': Posters for Aaron Eckhart, Gargoyle, Demon released

With San Diego Comic-Con closing in, "I, Frankenstein" promotions are beginning. A first look at Aaron Eckhart as the movie's titular monster was released July 11, showing just how different this portrayal will be.

Now, three poster have been unveiled for the movie, each focusing on a particular character. First, Eckhart's Adam Frankenstein has one labeled "Immortal." That one is followed by "Good," with a gargoyle, and "Evil," featuring a demon. They come from MTV, /Film and CBR respectively.

In the movie, the monster gives himself the name Adam Frankenstein in the modern day, long after his creator has died. He then finds himself in the middle of a war between the gargoyles and demons to learn the secret of his immortality.

No footage has been seen from "I, Frankenstein" yet, but that will likely change when the movie joins "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" during Lionsgate's Comic-Con panel Saturday (July 20). "I, Frankenstein" is set for theaters January 24, 2014.

Stay tuned to Zap2it's Comic-Con coverage for more information about this and many other movies and TV shows presenting at the event. Take a look at the three posters below:

Photo/Video credit: Lionsgate