Instagram adds 15-second videos and filters to take on Vine

Instagram: it's not just for taking pictures anymore. The photo-sharing website, which is usually a collection of selfies and pictures of food, has added a new feature. Instagram, owned by Facebook, is taking direct aim at Vine, owned by Twitter.

The app is adding video capabilities, in addition to photos. Just to twist the knife a bit, Instagram's videos will be 15 seconds long, compared to six seconds for Vine. There's also good news if you're a fan of all of those Instagram filters, videos will have them too.

The layout of the app doesn't really change much. In camera mode there's a small camcorder icon that will let you switch over to the new mode. The videos will play in your Instagram timeline with a simple tap of the finger.

According to ABC News, a video feature for the app has long been in development. Co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom were originally working on a video-sharing app when they decided to create Instagram.  "But we left video on the shelf," Systrom says, "All we're doing today is bringing it back into the product."

The video-enhanced version of Instagram is available for free now.
Photo/Video credit: Instagram