'Intelligence' photos: Gabriel and Riley look for tiny robots in 'Size Matters' -- Exclusive

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In the "Intelligence" episode, "Size Matters," Cybercom investigates microscopic robots that are infecting and killing artificial-intelligence scientists. It's a crime that might hit rather close to home for someone like Gabriel ( Josh Holloway).

If Gabriel and Riley ( Meghan Ory) don't figure out who is delivering malicious nanites, Dr. Cassidy ( John Billingsley) may just be the next target.

Does Gabriel count as artificial intelligence? Could he be a target as well?

intelligence-size-matters-cbs-josh-holloway-1.jpgSomething seems to be worrying Gabriel, whether he is a target or not.

intelligence-size-matters-cbs-josh-holloway-2.jpgIs this one of Gabriel's projections, or are the flying machines real somehow?

intelligence-size-matters-cbs-josh-holloway-3.jpgRiley and Gabriel go out in the field to find the source of the killer robots.

intelligence-size-matters-cbs-josh-holloway-meghan-ory-4.jpgThe "Intelligence" episode, "Size Matters" airs Monday (Feb. 17) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Photo/Video credit: CBS