iPhone 5 prototype lost? The rumors fly once again

white-iphone4.jpgYou'd think that Apple employees would start attaching their iPhone prototypes to their person with bungees or something.  Last year, an engineer lost an iPhone 4 prototype before its release in a beer garden in California -- it was picked up by a civilian and sold to a gadget blog for $5,000 in cash.

In a strange repeat of the incident, CNET now reports that an employee lost an unreleased iPhone 5 at a tequila lounge in San Francisco. The finder of this one, apparently, sold it for only $200 on Craigslist -- less than a current iPhone 4 sells for. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

CNET reports that the SFPD questioned a man in his twenties about the phone and searched his two-floor single-family home. SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza denies that they helped Apple with any such sweep of a house, looking for a missing phone.

Our biggest question remains: Why are the employees allowed to take these phones out drinking? Are they testing the gadget's ability to take badly-framed kissy-face peace-sign photos?

Photo/Video credit: Gadget