Irina Shayk's scandalous Cannes red carpet dress from every angle

Russian model Irina Shayk combined so many scandalous red carpet trends in one stunning gown on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, it was literally head spinning. 

The Russian beauty showed off some celebrity sideboob, rocked major cutouts all the way around her torso, went for the plunging down-to-there neckline -- uh, make that bustline -- and trotted out the the sheer-bottomed so we can see your panties look that has taken off on red carpets everywhere. 

Except Irina truly committed to the sheer look, opting for a thong undergarment instead of the standard boy short, so that her perfectly sculpted rear end was on full display. 

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, in reality, showed off more than most women dare to bare in the skimpiest of bikinis. And she seemed to be loving all the attention she received for the head-turning Roberto Cavalli look, as she lingered on the red carpet, making sure to pose and spin so photographers could document the dress from multiple revealing perspectives.

Since Irina went to all that trouble, we figured we should do the honorable thing and provide a glimpse of the dress from every angle. You're welcome.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images