'Iron Man 3': The Mandarin has a message to America in new TV spot

Marvel has released a new TV spot for "Iron Man 3," this one containing a message from the movie's bad guy, The Mandarin ( Ben Kingsley). The commercial starts with the villain addressing the American people in what looks like a hijacked TV broadcast.

Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.) is the one to reply to The Mandarin with a message of his own, saying, "You are not a man. You are a coward." The spot features a mix of the action we've seen so far, with Stark's hall of armor being destroyed, and Pepper Pots ( Gwyneth Paltrow) in serious danger.

"Iron Man 3" lands in theaters, in 3D no less, May 3. The trailers and posters have given away a lot about the film, most notably the existence of the Iron Legion.

Check out the spot below:

Photo/Video credit: YouTube