'IRT Deadliest Roads' UPDATE: What Happened to Lisa Kelly's Puppy?

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IRT_Deadliest_Roads_Lisa_Kelly_Truck.JPGYou asked, so HCTV asked ...

A number of commenters on the previous post, and a few more folks on Twitter, wanted to know the fate of the black-and-white stray puppy that Alaskan trucker Lisa Kelly adopted during her adventure driving the treacherous and congested mountain roads of northern India on the just-concluded first season of History's "IRT: Deadliest Roads."

The fluffy pup was, at the end, Kelly's only companion (except for the unseen cameraman, of course) when she did a dangerous solo fuel run to help stranded villagers.

I checked with History, and spokesperson Vicky Kahn emailed back, "Lisa made sure that the dog (whose name is RANPUR) was given a great home. Ranpur has been taken in by one of the producers of the show and living in California, and is very happy and well cared for."

So there you have it, Cuppers -- a puppy facing a bleak future wandering the streets of an Indian town is now living a dog's life life in Southern California. Will pass along more details if I can get them (also trying to get a current picture, but no promises!).

Keep on truckin' ...