Is Courtney Love dating Michael Pitt? The weird Kurt Cobain connection

courtney-love-michael-pitt.jpegFamous people problems: Dating a man who once played your late husband in a movie.

Photos of Hole's Courtney Love and actor Michael Pitt hanging out together surfaced over the weekend - though no one on the internet seems to have any idea where, exactly, they came from, since her Twitter has been deleted. (We found them at In Case You Didn't Know.)

They're not dirty pictures or anything, though they do look quite comfortably affectionate in the photos. 

So why is this weird? Pitt played a fictionalized version of the late Kurt Cobain in Gus Van Sant's film "Last Days." The character's name was changed to Blake so that Van Sant could avoid a lawsuit from Cobain's widow ... Courtney Love.