Is there a 'West Wing' movie in production? Joshua Malina says yes [Updated]

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west-wing-movie1.jpgCould "The West Wing" become a movie? A series of photos posted on Twitter by former "West Wing" star Joshua Malina indicate it's possible.

Malina, who played Will Bailey on the series (which ran from 1999-2006), posted three photos on Twitter on Saturday (Aug. 11). The pictures seem to show several members of the "West Wing" cast inside a nondescript building. Several other people -- who might be a production crew -- are visible as well.

The first photo -- of Malina's "West Wing" co-stars Bradley Whitford and Allison Janney -- came with the caption, "I can't say what super-secret set I'm on, but it rhymes with Bwest Bwing Bmovie."

A second photo from Malina quickly followed, sporting the caption "Also..."

west-wing-movie2.jpg Richard Schiff is the subject here.

One final photo shows the "West Wing" actors embracing in happiness of some sort.

west-wing-movie3.jpgSome Twitter users have already cried foul, citing the June 2012 Funny or Die "Walk and Talk" video as the source of these new photos. However, neither Bradley Whitford nor Richard Schiff took part, and Allison Janney's hair looks longer and lighter in Malina's photos.

So is the "West Wing" movie real? Although there is no official confirmation -- and Malina currently has a day job on ABC's "Scandal" -- he followed up his photos with a short defense:

"On @chrisbrown's life, The West Wing movie is real."

UPDATE: Schiff burst Malina's bubble with a tweet of his own noting he worked on a "West Wing" PSA over the weekend. So if by "'West Wing' movie" Malina meant "another short like the FoD one," then yes.
Photo/Video credit: Joshua Malina via Twitter