Jack in the Box Super Bowl commercial: A musical trip to the bork farm

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Jack in the Box commercials are often odd. Sometimes they involve music. The burger restaurant's 2014 Super Bowl commercial features both as it introduces something called "bork" that makes possible hamburger patties with bacon inside.

As a happy group of clean-cut singers inform us, Jack in the Box has its own farm, which is a magical place of curly-fry trees and helicopters. There is also a strange creature that looks like a spotted pig but has cow horns. This is a bork, described in song as "a critter that makes burgers with bacon inside."

No, you're not supposed to protest that there are other ways to get bacon inside of a burger. That's not the point. It's better to just go with the borks and go buy a burger. It's what Jack in the Box would want.
Photo/Video credit: Jack in the Box