Jackie Chan reveals his father was a spy, changed his real last name


Action star Jackie Chan revealed a huge family secret on CBS' "The Talk" on Tuesday (Oct. 22): His father was a spy, and changed their last name to go into hiding.

Chan didn't even know his father's real profession -- or their real last name -- until recently. "I was totally shocked. One day I was driving a car with my father and suddenly my father turns around and says, 'Jackie, I'm very old. I might not get up next morning. I have a secret to tell you -- you are actually not Jackie Chan. Your name is Fong,'" Chan says.

Before his father could continue, Chan called his friend who is a documentary director, and had his father filmed for three years as he told his story. According to Chan, someone bought the rights to the movie, and it is going to be made.

"I thought I was an only child but I found out there was two brothers on my father's side and two sisters on my mother's side," Chan says. "My father's job was a spy. After he was shot he escaped from China to Hong Kong, and escaped from Hong Kong to Australia, hiding in the American Embassy for 40 years. All those years, I thought he was just a cook."

Watch a clip of Chan's interview on "The Talk" below:

Photo/Video credit: CBS