Jake Johnson's 36th birthday: Celebrate 'New Girl's' Nick Miller in GIFs

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Jake Johnson -- best known to TV viewers as Nick Miller on "New Girl" -- celebrates his 36th birthday on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Celebrate all those years with a selection of GIFs that make it clear how to celebrate the Nick way.

Dancing is always a good way to celebrate.

jake-johnson-birthday-Moonwalking.gif jake-johnson-birthday-FreezeFrame.gif
jake-johnson-birthday-WeirdDance.gifDon't forget the party hat!

jake-johnson-birthday-RedHatNick.gifRemember that you do not need to accept adulthood, no matter how many candles are on that cake.

jake-johnson-birthday-UnsuccessfulAdult.gifDon't worry -- it's not so bad.

jake-johnson-birthday-Faceplant.gifThere is nothing wrong with romantic celebrations.

jake-johnson-birthday-new-girl-jess-nick-kiss-fox.gifIf all else fails, there's always "Cotton-Eyed Joe."

jake-johnson-birthday-CottonEyeJoe1.gif jake-johnson-birthday-CottonEyeJoe2.gif jake-johnson-birthday-CottonEyeJoe3.gifHappy Birthday Jake Johnson!
Photo/Video credit: FOX