James Franco's 'Spring Breakers' post-cornrow hair: Hot or not?

Recently, James Franco has been sporting some serious corn rows while he films his upcoming Selena Gomez movie "Spring Breakers." We're going to guess production is over or the story is moving his character in a different direction because on Tuesday (April 10), Franco posted a series of post-corn row photos of himself to his WhoSay account.

He's never looked worse, yet we've never loved him more. Franco's hair is -- as would be expected after several days in tight braids -- kinky and out of control. And the fact that he still appears to be in costume (we hope since he's wearing a day-glo green muscle shirt, a bling ring and a gold chain) only adds to our revulsion/attraction.

Luckily, Franco posted a series of photos -- so fans can see the progression as he goes from corn rows to 'fro.

Raise your hand if you still think he's super-hot?
Photo/Video credit: WhoSay.com