James Wolk in suits: 'Mad Men,' 'The Crazy Ones' star photos in GQ

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James Wolk is a very handsome man. Whether he's an odd fellow on "Mad Men" or a playboy on "The Crazy Ones," Wolk pretty much always looks good. But his TV look pales in comparison to the actor wearing a collection of multi-colored suits in the February edition of GQ.

james-wolk-suit-1-gq.jpgThese photos truly are eye-candy goodness.

james-wolk-suit-2-gq.jpgTaken in locations around Miami, the man behind characters like Bob Benson and Zach Cropper looks rather dapper in all of the suit options.

james-wolk-suit-3-gq.jpgSeriously, it takes someone as nice-looking as Wolk to pull off a magenta suit.

Photo/Video credit: David Burton / GQ