Jane Kaczmarek on Bradley Whitford divorce: 'Just drop it and keep going.'

jane-kaczmarek-bradley-whitford-2007-gi.jpg Jane Kaczmarek's new TV movie is titled "Reviving Ophelia," but she says it might as well be called "Reviving Jane."

The former mom on "Malcolm in the Middle" returns to work for the first time in a year in the Monday, Oct. 11, Lifetime drama that casts her as the mother of a teen who's in an abusive relationship. Relationship matters also kept Kaczmarek off screen as she dealt with her divorce from actor Bradley Whitford -- the "West Wing" alum now on FOX's "The Good Guys" -- after almost 17 years of marriage.

"A very wise person said to me, 'Nowadays, you can make a divorce anything you want it to be,'" Kaczmarek tells Zap2it. "It's absolutely devastating, but then you really have to just drop it and keep going.