Jane Levy files for divorce from Jaime Freitas -- 'Suburgatory' star was married?

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jane-levy-suburgatory-abc.jpgJane Levy, the star of ABC comedy "Suburgatory" and recent hit horror remake "Evil Dead," has filed for divorce from her husband, actor and filmmaker Jaime Freitas. But how many people even knew they were married?

According to TMZ, Levy and Freitas were married in March 2011 and separated by October 2011. ("Suburgatory" premiered Sept. 28, 2011.) Maybe they've been trying to work things out since then, but Levy -- who is now 23-years-old -- officially filed for divorce about three weeks ago, on April 16. She cites the standard irreconcilable differences in what is said to be an "amicable" breakup.

Although their relationship was hush-hush, TMZ did find this experimental video they made together in 2010:

Photo/Video credit: ABC