Jared Padalecki: From 'Gilmore Girls' guy to 'Supernatural' hunter

jared-padalecki-gilmore-supernatural-320.jpgIn honor of "Supernatural" hottie Jared Padalecki's 28th birthday today, we thought we'd pause for a moment to take a stroll down memory lane.

Ten years ago, Padalecki was cast in "Gilmore Girls" as Dean Forester, the cute guy who makes Rory ( Alexis Bledel) question her decision to ditch public school and attend her expensive private school in Hartford.

Misty water-colored memories, we know. But he was just so darn cute! Today, he's better known as Sam Winchester on "Supernatural," and "cute" isn't exactly the word we'd use to describe him. Let's just say he's been working out a bit.

If you're in the mood to celebrate Padalecki's birthday today, we know he'd appreciate a donation to A Dog's Life Rescue, his favorite charity. A Dog's Life is an animal rescue organization in Los Angeles that helps abandoned pets find good homes. Padalecki has been working with the organization for years.

Who could say no to Dean Forester and puppies?

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Photo credit: WB/CW