Jared Padalecki joins Twitter, 'Supernatural' fans rejoice

paley-jared-padalecki.jpgIf you search " Jared Padalecki Twitter" on Google, it returns almost 67,000 Twitter accounts featuring the "Supernatural" star's name. None of them, however, originated with Padalecki himself -- at least until Saturday (June 4).

Padalecki joined the Twitterverse as @jarpad Saturday and, as of this post, had already racked up almost 28,000 followers. Twitter hasn't verified the account yet, but he did tell fans gathered at a "Supernatural" convention in Nashville that it's not a fake.

"Hey guys, it's really me," one update reads. "I'm in Nash-Vegas right now about to see our Supernatural family. I'll confirm twitter with them in person." Padalecki later posted a picture of himself grappling with a stuffed moose head.

Padalecki's introduction to Twitter made him a trending topic on the site earlier in the day, and he even broke into the Google most-searched rankings. Such is the devotion of "Supernatural" fans. He's not following anyone yet, although co-stars Misha Collins and Jim Beaver have both acknowledged Padalecki in tweets of their own.

Here's some video of Padalecki telling the crowd in Nashville that he's on Twitter.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images