Jared Padalecki still hates Justin Bieber, hopes Men's USA vs. Canada Olympics hockey match losers will take him away

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Attention Beliebers, you might want to cover your eyes.

Jared Padalecki continued his campaign against Justin Bieber on Thursday (Feb. 20) after the nail-biter Olympics Women's hockey game between Canada and USA. The "Supernatural" star took to his Twitter to share his thoughts on Canada's victory.

"Congrats to the Canadian Womens Hockey team!" Padalecki writes. "I cant wait for the Mens' US/Canada match. The stakes are huge!"

Padalecki then shared this image:


Sigh. If only the loser really did keep Bieber -- but only if the loser is Canada. Heh.

And once again, Beliebers, Padalecki is just joking. No need to keep on sending him death threats.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images