Jason Biggs mocks 'The Bachelorette' death on Twitter

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Jason Biggs has used his Twitter account to mock the death of "Bachelorette" contestant Eric Hill. There's a fine line between funny and tasteless, and Biggs' tweets may be on the wrong side of it.

While this is hardly the first time the "Orange Is the New Black" star has used his account to poke fun at the "Bachelor"/"Bachelorette" franchise, the fact that one of the men seen prominently in the season premiere on Monday (May 19) has since died makes the jokes a little off-putting.

What exactly does Biggs say?

He followed that with a pair of tweets on the same subject:

Eric Hill died in late April after a paragliding accident. He had already completed his part on "The Bachelorette," even though the competition was still ongoing at the time. Making jokes about it during the "Bachelorette" premiere? That may indeed be too soon.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images