Jason Castro makes acting debut, Ian Bernardo gets death threats and more

jason-castro-the-bold-and-the-beautiful.jpgAll the latest bite-sized "American Idol" news.

Ian Bernardo, the contestant suing "American Idol" for $300 million, says that since the news broke about his lawsuit, he is getting 5-10 threatening phone calls an hour -- including one caller who said he "can't wait for him to die of AIDS." [ TMZ]

Paige Miles weighs in Ellen's departure from "Idol," recognizing how busy Ellen is and how hard it was for her to be critical of the contestants. [ CNN]

Blake Lewis says in a statement, ""It's a sad day to read about Ellen leaving and rumors of Kara now leaving, too.  Ellen will be sadly missed on AI.  She added humor to the panel.  If it's true that Kara is leaving, too, there will be an even greater hole to fill.  Like every great show that recasts its characters, the ones leaving will be missed and hopefully the new members will be embraced.  I heard other rumors of J LO and Steven Tyler as potential new judges. I think this is what the show has been needing since I was on - constructive comments from huge stars who have made it doing what the contestants want to do.  Britain has already done this and it's worked.  I'm interested to see what the new American Idol will have to offer." [ Rogers & Cowen]

"The Bold and the Beautiful" said hello to an "Idol" Thursday, July 29 and Friday, July 30. Jason Castro made his on-screen debut as himself. Video below. [ Rickey]

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