Jay-Z's 1939 look-alike - Is rapper a time traveler or vampire?

Once in a while an old photograph pops up, featuring someone who bears a striking resemblance to a person everyone knows. It's happened to Nicolas Cage in the past, leading some to believe he's a vampire. Now it looks like Jay-Z is the one with a doppelganger.

In a new photograph released by the Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture at the New York Public Library, there's someone who looks quite a bit like the famous rapper and husband to Beyonce. The picture, taken in 1939 by Sid Grossman, shows an unknown subject.

So, is Jay-Z a vampire like Cage? Maybe he's just a time traveler. The photo was taken in Harlem, which is only 17 miles from where he was born in Brooklyn. Then again, perhaps it's all one giant coincidence. Still, it's more fun to hope it's not.

Check out the full photo below:


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture