Jeanne Cooper hospitalized; son Corbin Bernsen asks for prayers

corbin-bernsen-jeanne-cooper-hospitalized.jpgActress Jeanne Cooper, 84, who has portrayed the indelible Katherine Chancellor on "The Young and the Restless" for nearly 40 years, was hospitalized on Friday (April 12) in critical condition, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The details of her illness have not been disclosed, but son Corbin Bernsen (pictured above with Cooper in 2005) has been tweeting updates to his followers and posting messages on Facebook.

" Need some prayers for my mom tonight. Pretty rough. Won't elaborate now, but I believe there's still more purpose for her on this journey, but that's not my call. I love her so much. I want peace for her," he wrote on Friday.

But it sounds as though things are looking up. Bernsen added Saturday, "
For this nite, all seems stable. The purity of your warmth for me and my family is a great indication that there is good in this world that so often feels out of control. ... I'm just wowed by her tenacity and her sheer will. So many of you have noted that. It's truly awesome."

Finally, he writes Monday, "
A bit anxious today, I want so much for there to be solid results that are more than numbers. I know this is happening in small steps, but would be so awesome to see it in plain sight. Please don't mistake that, she's mending, but I'm ready for her to stand up, take over the room, and start telling everybody what to do."

Angelica McDaniel, head of CBS Daytime, adds on Twitter, "
Our thoughts, prayers and love are with Jeanne Cooper and her family as she rests and recovers."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images