Jeff Gordon's Pepsi Max prank a fake? Watch and decide for yourself

A web video promoting Pepsi Max has gone viral. It features a supposed prank, played by NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, on an unsuspecting car salesman. In the video, Gordon wears a disguise, playing the part of an overly nervous man who is interested in a used Camaro. When the salesman tells him they should take a test drive, Gordon, Pepsi Max in hand, eventually agrees.

Before long, Gordon is speeding down streets, and doing doughnuts in the car. The salesman is terrified, and pretty angry, letting a few curse words fly, as he yells at Mike (Gordon's alter ego) to stop the vehicle. Finally he does, and the salesman threatens to have him arrested. Rather than have the cops called, Gordon reveals the cameras, and his true identity.

Is any of it real, though? According to ABC News, a Pepsi spokesperson has admitted that some of the wild driving in the video is performed by a stuntman. What they haven't touched on, though, is whether the salesman is an actor, or the genuine article. It doesn't seems like Pepsi would take a car dealer with no knowledge of the prank on such a ride, as some of the maneuvers look pretty dangerous.

As the video ends, the salesman, who is now all smiles, asks if they could do it again. The clip already has over seven million views on YouTube, so the Pepsi marketing department definitely achieved their goal. What remains to be seen, though, is if the video will actually help the company move their product.

Take a look at the commercial below, and you decide. Is the prank a fake, or did this car salesman get the ride of his life?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/YouTube