Jenn Sterger: Giving Brett Favre one more reason to retire?

brett-favre-jenn-sterger.jpgThe sports world has begun its annual Brett Favre Watch, waiting for word on whether the famously indecisive quarterback will return for another season. Football fans have seen this all several times before, but there's a new wrinkle to the drama this year: an alleged sexting scandal.

The news comes courtesy of Deadspin, which claims that while he was with the New York Jets a couple seasons back, Favre sent photos of himself -- sans Wranglers -- to Jenn Sterger, who at the time was a sideline reporter employed by the team. Deadspin says it's been sitting on the story for a while but kinda-sorta got Sterger's permission to run with it.

The pictures (along with voicemails) Favre allegedly sent Sterger haven't turned up.