Jenna Jameson's son, Journey, rushed to the hospital!

jenna-jameson-headshot.jpg Jenna Jameson spent the wee hours of Tuesday morning (May 4) in the hospital with her sick baby.  The little tyke's OK but man, has Jenna had a dramatic week.

Let's review: On April 26, police arrest her baby daddy Tito Ortiz for domestic abuse. Then she gets a restraining order against the wrestler.

He accuses her of relapsing into drug addiction. She gets a drug test (clean, hooray!).

Then on Monday (May 3), when she expected to reunite with her beloved Tito, due back from Costa Rica, she had to race to the hospital in an ambulance -- close to midnight -- with Journey, one of their two 1-year-old sons.

Jenna was alone when her son started throwing up and she thought it was the best to call 911, reports TMZ in their video.