Jenna Lyons reportedly dating Courtney Crangi following divorce

courtney-crangi-jenna-lyons.jpg Jenna Lyons (pictured above, left), the creative director at J. Crew, has been in the news as of late because of her messy divorce from husband Vincent Mazeau. Mazeau reportedly wants a huge financial settlement, claiming he put his professional career on hold for hers.

There was another twist to the story - that Lyons' new love interest is a woman. Now the New York Post's Page Six identifies the aforementioned woman as Courtney Crangi (pictured above, right). Crangi is another member of the fashion industry, as she presides over the business side of her brother Phillip Crangi's high-end jewelry line.

An insider tells Page Six, "After the breakup, Jenna fell in love with Courtney, whom she had been friends with for some time. They've known each other for years through the fashion business. Courtney is an attractive blonde who balances working hard with her family."

Reportedly Jenna and Courtney have been seen out and about together in the West Village and are quietly open about their new relationship.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images