Jenna Talackova: Miss Universe Canada accepts transsexual contestant, unless it doesn't

jenna-talackova-gi.jpg jenna-talackova.jpgLast week, blogs devoted to the doings of the beauty pageant circuit were reporting that 23-year-old Jenna Talackova had made it to the finals as a contestant in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant to be held this May. Not terribly noteworthy for a 6'1 statuesque blonde.

Except for one thing. Talackova was born male.

From the age of four, Talackova says she "knew" that she was a girl. She began hormone therapy when she was 14 and underwent sexual reassignment surgery five years later. In 2010 she was a Top 10 finalist in the transgender Miss International Queen pageant held in Thailand.

Less than a day after word of her participation in this year's Miss Universe Canada pageant began making the rounds, her profile disappeared from the official pageant website.

On Sunday, Talackova's possible Twitter account (unverified, has only been posted to once) was updated with, "Still waiting to know if i'm able to compete in Miss.universe Canada 2012 pageant.. praying & fingers crossed."

Miss Universe Canada has not commented nor issued a statement.

The winner of Miss Universe Canada will go on to represent the country at the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe pageant. Canada has only won the Miss Universe title twice, most recently in 2005.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images