Jennifer Aniston buys a new house in Bel Air

jennifer-aniston-house.jpgWe'll never be able to buy a house as nice as the one Jennifer Aniston just purchased in ritzy Bel-Air, Calif., but don't worry -- with the internet's help, we can ogle pictures of the gorgeous modern architecture and pretend it's a place we could totally live in one day.

According to real estate site Curbed, the 8,500 square-foot house has four bedrooms, and was designed in 1965 by LA architect A. Quincy Jones. Sounds normal, right? Well, it's also got a pool, a guesthouse, a wine cellar and a vineyard over more than three acres of land. Not so common, then, we suppose.

It seems Aniston got a bargain, too, since the house was originally listed at $29 million when it first went on the market in 2008, and she scooped it up for the oh-so-low price of $21 million. Hey, girlfriend deserves some happiness -- we hope she enjoys the city and ocean views while cuddling up to boyfriend Justin Theroux.

jennifer-aniston-house-1.jpg jennifer-aniston-house-2.jpg jennifer-aniston-house-3.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Curbed