Jennifer Aniston does Barbra Streisand: Except for the nose

Jennifer-Aniston-bazaar-cover.jpg Jennifer Aniston tries a tribute to Barbra Streisand in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Presumably because even rag mag Harper's Bazaar is a little over all the nude (yawn) photos of our favorite "Friends" star.

Jennifer idolizes Streisand and actually met her at a New Year's party a few years ago.

"I've loved her since I was a kid, and all of a sudden there she is, and she's just like someone you've always known," Jen tells Harpers. "You know when you meet people you idolize and then you walk away from the conversation thinking, 'Well, that was a disappointment; they were kinder and more fabulous in my mind'? Well, she was wonderful, and you could talk to her about anything."