Jennifer Aniston Romance Rehab: 10 dream dates (or playmates) for her next Cabo getaway

It all started with a little free advice from " The Millionaire Matchmaker" herself, Patti Stanger, on "Access Hollywood Live." Bravo's resident cupid suggested that James Franco and Jennifer Aniston might just be a match made in heaven. GQ's Man of the Year agreed, telling Access that Jen is "a very beautiful woman," and indicating with a cute wink and nod that if she were single he too gives the notion a thumbs up. (And for the record, we too at Zap2it 100% endorse an Aniston and Franco romantic pairing!)

Maybe we're a little bit jealous that we weren't invited on Jennifer's Thanksgiving getaway to Cabo San Lucas, but we're happy to see her tanned and fit as always, enjoying margaritas with her bestie gal pal Chelsea Handler. However, our holiday wish for Hollywood's most eligible bachelorette is that next year's holiday getaway is a romantic one with a man FINALLY worthy of Aniston. So, we here at Zap2it have compiled a list of potential suitors who we think would be a fabu "Mr. Jennifer Aniston." Take note, boys.

1. James Franco:
The perfect combination of serious actor, funny guy and heartthrob.

Why he's perfect: Patti Stanger can't be wrong. We watch "The Millionaire Matchmaker" religiously and are pretty confident she knows her stuff. James possesses just the right combo of star power and hotness to totally bring the sexy back into Jenny's life. 

Why he's not: Franco is still one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors and may not quite be ready to settle down. (Note: The mustache has got to go but easy enough to solve with a couple strokes of a razor). 

2. Chris Pine:
Handsome, mature and floats effortlessly between drama and rom-com.

Why he's perfect: We love that Chris lays low and steers clear of any tabloid fodder, not to mention he's devastatingly beautiful. At 30 he's still young, but aged enough to settle down.

Why he's not: Pine might be just a tad too serious for our fun-loving girl. We vaguely remember him having comedic chops in the Lindsay Lohan box office bomb "Just My Luck" but obviously that film is pretty forgettable. So we'll wait to see more of his comedic side in "This Means War," opposite  Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy, when it hits theaters. Maybe then we'll reconsider. 

3. Ryan Reynolds:
The 2010 Sexiest Man Alive and a bonafide movie star ( Brad Pitt is so 10 years ago).

Why he's perfect: We adored him as Berg on "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place," but since then Ryan has proven himself to be a worthy leading man both on-screen and off. Both Aniston and Reynolds are gorgeous with a great sense of humor, and together these two would absolutely rule the rom-com world. Seriously though, will someone at least cast them together? We're dying to see it.

Why he's not: He's already spoken for, (and we do love Scar-Jo).

4. Joaquin Phoenix:
It seems as though the "I'm Still Here" actor is, in fact, sane and supposedly our girl has a little crush on him.

Why he's perfect: Joaquin is a great actor, with just a perfect mix of serious sense of humor, intrique and mystery. Jen is rumored to have referred to the bachelor as "single, funny and handsome," according to a British celebutab. Which leads us to our next point.

Why he's not: These reports are from a British celebutab. Do we really trust them? Not so much, but you never know. Even after admitting that his short lived rap career was officially a hoax, we still worry that Joaquin may still be a little off his rocker. We fear his days as the baseball-bat-wielding Uncle Merrill in "Signs" are long gone (we had a major crush on him too back then, now not so much).

5. Ryan Phillippe:
He's hardworking, beautiful and successful. He wears fatherhood well, hands down one of Hollywood sexiest daddies. 

Why he's perfect:  Bone structure doesn't lie, if we saw these two together, it'd be tough to look away. Maybe mutual co-star,  Malin Akerman, could hook them up? They each have a very public romantic history and seem to be in similar places with their lives. Ryan is an awesome daddy to his kids and we think Jenny would be a fabulous step-mom, it's his history that might just be the biggest reason he's not perfect.

Why he's not: Deja vu. Ryan and Reese divorced after tabloids had a field day with his "involvement" with co-star Abbie Cornish while still married to Witherspoon. Sound familiar. What's the name of that "little" movie that the house of Brangelina was built on? "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Enough said.

6. Alex O'Loughlin:
The smokin' hottie first caught our attention opposite Jennifer Lopez in "The Back-up Plan," and now this Australian boy spends his days in Honolulu filming "Hawaii Five-0"

Why he's perfect: Australian accent, hello! He's got a steady job on television and Jen would have an excuse to spend time sunbathing in Hawaii whenever she likes (not that she needs an excuse, but it certainly doesn't hurt). 

Why he's not: He's still a little on the younger side. Do you detect us subconsciously attempting to turn Jennifer into Hollywood's next ubercougar? Well, so be it. Hot is hot. Jury's out as to how the CBS star treats the ladies, so stay tuned.

7. Tom Hardy:
The London born "Inception" breakout star has just begun to make his mark on this side of the pond. Oh, and how adorable is he?

Why he's perfect: Hardy's the bad boy we can't take our eyes off of. Well, lets make that reformed bad boy. Tom's been sober for several years after battling addictions in the past, and now has his sights set on taking Hollywood by storm. Tom is also set to co-star with our No. 2 pick, Chris Pine, in "This Means War." We can't wait to catch a peek of his comedic side when the film hits theaters.

Why he's not: Hardy is recently engaged to a former co-star, he has not only an ex-wife, but also an ex-girlfriend with whom he has a child. Probably best not to get mixed up with this mess, Jen. Although it hasn't stopped some bad choices in guys before. See: John Mayer.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo:
Tall, dark, handsome and the highest paid football (aka soccer to us Americans) player in the games history.

Why he's perfect: He serves as captain of the Portuguese national team and at 25-years-old (cougar alert, we just can't help ourselves), he's wise beyond his years. Cristiano doesn't drink, and has full custody of his infant son. With that body and face, he's the total package. We bet there's ladies lining up along the streets of Portugal for just a chance at being his baby-mama.

Why he's not: Long distance is tough for anyone, especially when it spans across continents. We're sure Jenny would be there to cheer on her man at all his games, but she's an independent woman and we know she has business of her own to attend to here in the states. He'd sure be fun to have around though. 

9. Chris Evans: He first captured our attention in "Not Another Teen Movie" (don't judge us, we actually enjoyed it), but has since shown his knack for action as well as comedic timing.

Why he's perfect: Clean cut and All-American, Chris is exactly the type of boy we'd like to see Jenny with. We think he'd treat her well, and he's formed a respectable career for himself after starring in several comic book film adaptations, among other sci-fi and action movies. In 2011 Evans will also be starring as a rom-com leading man. If you haven't figured it out already, we think rom-com experience is a definite plus. 

Why he's not: At 29, he hasn't been linked to anyone since breaking up with Jessica Biel back in 2006. We aren't sure what to make of this just yet. Either he's a really great guy and is holding out for Ms. Right, or there's something potentially wrong. Either way, we're willing to give it a shot cause he's so damn cute. 

10. John Stamos:
As we all know, "Full House's" former Uncle Jesse boasts both acting and musical chops. The 47-year-old can currently be seen on working both of them on FOX's "Glee".

Why he's perfect: In our opinion, Stamos has only gotten better looking with age.  Though we weren't fans of his 80s' sitcom coif, both he and Jen were known for signature hairstyles back in the day (bonding potential?). So far, Jen's struck out with both actors and musicians individually, but what about when talents combine? Maybe Stamos will have the magic combination to unlock Jenny's heart. We wonder if any sparks flew on the "Friends" set when he guest starred back in 2003?

Why he's not: We have a sneaking suspicion that the Stamos might be just a little bit of a player. Jenny doesn't need any of that in her life, so as long as he's willing to settle down we'll give our stamp of approval. 

Who would you pick for Jennifer? Anyone we missed?

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