Jennifer Hudson talks Simon Cowell, 'Idol' on 'The View': 'You can't sugarcoat things for people'

jhud-abc1.jpgA positively radiant Jennifer Hudson (and son David) stopped by "The View" Tuesday (March 22) to chat about her new album, "I Remember Me," sing a song, weigh in on this season's new "American Idol" judging panel and why she appreciated the hyper-critical Simon Cowell.

On "Idol":

Sherri Shepherd: Now we've been talking about "American Idol" because a lot of us feel that they're too nice on the show. How do you feel about that?

Jennifer Hudson: I do think it's good to be critical. Because if people tell you you're perfect, you're perfect, you're perfect all the time, you can never grow. So I love notes. I'm the first one to say please give me notes.

Sherri Shepherd: As a professional, what do you think Simon Cowell brought to the show? He was on you hard.

Jennifer Hudson: Oh, yes. He gave a good dose of what the industry is like. You can't sugarcoat things for people because when they get into it, then they can't handle it. Even with my sister, I grew up around critics, every day all day. So when I got to Simon he didn't have anything on my sister. But you have to be that way for this kind of business. I'm sure they're doing an amazing job. But don't leave out the critiques.

jhud-abc2.jpg On potentially playing Aretha Franklin on film:

Sherri Shepherd: We saw a clip of you at the recent Grammy awards. You were singing a tribute to one of your idols, who is Aretha Franklin. Is it true that she said you're one of the actresses she would love to have portray her in a movie?

Jennifer Hudson: I've heard her tell that. I would love to. It would be a honor and a dream come true if I could do that. Aretha, I'm here.

Below, a little backstage footage of Hudson and son David practicing "Where You At":

Photo/Video credit: Lou Rocco/ABC