Jennifer Lawrence explains 'Catching Fire' kiss drool, wears a party hat

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Jennifer Lawrence capped three days of "Catching Fire" promotion on "Live with Kelly and Michael" by wearing a party hat and talking about a drool-laden kiss with Josh Hutcherson in the movie on Thursday (Nov. 21). The entire interview was as delightful as you would expect. Here are some of the highlights.

Because Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had been talking about it with guests all week, they had to ask Lawrence about the big Katniss-Peeta kiss in "Catching Fire." Hutcherson had referred to the moment as "slobbery" when asked, and Lawrence didn't deny that. She did, however, offer more details on the story:

"Well, that can be explained. First of all, he was getting CPR before we kissed, so most of that drool belonged to Sam Claflin [who plays Finnick]. And then I got involved, and I was crying -- it was an emotional scene -- so I'm snotting. As you do."

Because obviously this wasn't too much information, Lawrence added a few extra, disgusting details about all that slobber. "On my phone I have a video of the longest string [of drool] you've ever seen. And it was unbreakable," Lawrence explained. "Even when I was going like, [coughs] blowing and moving, it was nothing. It was made of like Spider-Man web."

Having thoroughly disgusted everyone, Jennifer Lawrence ended the tale with a smile and a laugh: "Josh and I love kissing! It was super-sexy."

But what was the deal with the party hat? It turns out that Thursday was Michael Strahan's birthday, and Lawrence was ready to celebrate. "I saw them backstage," she said when asked about the accessory. "There's a big stack of them, but nobody's wearing them!"

Thank goodness Jennifer Lawrence was around to fix that horrible situation.


Photo/Video credit: ABC