Jennifer Lawrence hates partying late, says director David O. Russell

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Jennifer Lawrence isn't quite the party animal one might think. During his Critics' Choice Awards 2014 red carpet interview, director David O. Russell admits that Lawrence gets as tuckered out on set as he does.

"'Don't these kids ever get tired?'" Russell recalls of when the clock hits 11 p.m. and Lawrence is around. "That's a direct Jennifer Lawrence quote."

Lawrence's "American Hustle" costar Amy Adams echoes similar sentiments about "The Hunger Games" actress. When asked on the carpet whether it's JLaw who starts the parties with the cast, Adams says she is actually the person with that title.

Since Lawrence is busy working, they won't have to worry about who will get the Critics' Choice Awards after party started. "I think I can carry that torch for Jennifer," Adams quips. "I think I can handle that."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images