Jennifer Lawrence smokes pot? Pic of Oscar winner smoking weed surfaces

jennifer-lawrence-smoking-pot-weed.jpgCould it be? America's not-so-sweetheart, smoking marijuana? Le gasp! New photos of Jennifer Lawrence drinking wine and allegedly smoking pot after her recent Best Actress Oscar win have emerged.

Following her big Oscar night, when she took home the trophy for her performance in "Silver Linings Playbook," Lawrence quickly dyed her hair back to Katniss-brown. She headed back to Hawaii to re-shoot some arena scenes with Josh Hutcherson for the upcoming "Hunger Games" sequel, "Catching Fire."

It wasn't all work, though; Lawrence certainly appeared to be enjoying her downtime in the Aloha State.

Photographers snapped pics of Lawrence hanging out with a girlfriend on the balcony of her hotel. Lawrence can be seen drinking red wine, holding a lighter, hugging, and yes... passing a large rolled-up cigarette that definitely looks like a joint.

Previously, when asked if she indulged in pot, Lawrence told Spin, "I so cannot answer that question. I'm in a franchise."


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/FameFlynet