Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony get Japanese animation treatment

According to Japanese news animation powerhouse NMA, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony -- who on Friday (July 15) announced their separation and plans to divorce -- probably split because of Lopez's sexy roles in some upcoming films.

Other possible reasons, based on the one-minute video:

- The sight/proximity of Lopez's famous rear end causes Anthony to vomit.
- The "American Idol" judge actually left Anthony by hopping on board a New York subway train to Brooklyn.
- Lopez can morph into a giant spider and has attempted to kill every man she's been with, including P. Diddy.
- Things -- like "American Idol" -- fall out of Lopez's mini-skirt when she's vigorously shaken while standing on a retail store counter.

Thanks again to NMA for helping us to understand this complex story.
Photo/Video credit: NMA