Jennifer Lopez's 'Dance Again' video stars Casper Smart, her new boyfriend

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Jennifer Lopez debuted the new music video for "Dance Again," the latest dance-pop song where J.Lo collaborates with rapper Pitbull. On "American Idol" when the video was being introduced, J.Lo says this of the song, "It's fun and dance-y and full of joy."

She also was teased by Ryan Seacrest about the video being racy and showing her being all sexy with a dancer - that dancer is none other than Casper Smart, J.Lo's 24-year-old boyfriend of several months. Woo woo, J.Lo. She recently told Vogue in an interview that Casper is "a good egg."

The full video is above. What do you think of it? How does it stack up to "On the Floor"?
Photo/Video credit: Jennifer Lopez