Jennifer Lopez's nip slip wardrobe malfunction - oops

jennifer-lopez-nip-slip-nipple-wardrobe-malfunction-italy-2.jpgAt a recent concert in Bologna, Italy, Jennifer Lopez was dancing up a storm in a skintight, sequined catsuit -- which had a little trouble staying in place on top, exposing part of the singer' aureola. But full boobage was not exposed, so never fear.

Concertgoers say J.Lo was a trooper, getting some assistance from a backup dancer to put the girls back in place and then continued right on with the show.

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This is definitely not Jenny from the block's first encounter with a nip slip. She accidentally peeked a little nipple at at the Oscars last February and in the summer of 2011, almost a whole boob fell out on a German talk show.

Perhaps J.Lo should invest in some double-sided tape.
Photo/Video credit: Clevver Music