Jeremy Renner: 'Tom [Cruise] really set a high bar in how to approach a big action movie'

tom-crusie-jeremy-renner-mi-ghost-protocol.jpg Jeremy Renner is getting ready to take on a big screen franchise when he joins "The Bourne Legacy" as a new CIA operative in the world of Jason Bourne, who was played by Matt Damon. Renner credits his "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" co-star Tom Cruise with helping him prepare for the role, he tells Access Hollywood.

" Tom really set a high bar in how to approach a big action movie like this, so he was a great sort of mentor and champion and paved a really great path for me to physically prepare," says Renner. "Really, it's the preparation to not be injured that was really important to me, to not be hurt, but be able to do all the things required of me."

"I think he might have an iron stomach or something, he's fearless," Jeremy continues, still speaking of Cruise.

But for himself, it's not so much about fearlessness as it as about curiosity.

"I kind of look at it like opportunities... I don't want to lay at night like, 'Why didn't I do that or why didn't I try that?' You get to do something like swing around a building like Tom does, you'd be remiss not to do that if you think you could do it," says Renner.

Catch all the action of Renner and Cruise together on the silver screen when "M:I - Ghost Protocol" opens nationwide Dec. 21.

Photo/Video credit: Paramount Pictures