Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Larry David 'Seinfeld' reunion for Super Bowl commercial - report

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jerry-seinfeld-jason-alexander-toms-restaurant-twitter.jpgWe might not ever get that full-fledged "Seinfeld" reunion everyone wants, but we will get some new content in the form of a Super Bowl commercial, which is what Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Jason Alexander were reportedly shooting when they were spotted at Tom's Restaurant in New York City.

The New York Daily News reports that production workers confirmed the cameras set up outside the famous Morningside Heights diner seen on the show were for a Super Bowl ad. There were also snow cannons used outside the eatery.

Seinfeld, David and Alexander were all filmed by passers-by, but none of the men would comment about what they were doing.

Twitter user @ClubAliP, Ali Philippides, snapped a great shot of Alexander and Seinfeld together outside the diner that quickly went viral.

Recently, Seinfeld teased a "huge" collaboration with David, which many believed to be a Broadway play. Could this be it instead?
Photo/Video credit: Ali Philippides/Twitter