'Jersey Shore': Emilio isn't creepin' on Snooki, friend says

jersey-shore-mtv-snooki-breaks-up-with-emilio-2.jpgEarlier today, reports spread that " Jersey Shore's" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi dumped her boyfriend, Emilio Masella, because she caught him trying to hook up with other girls and feared he was using her to get on MTV's "The Real World."

According to a HollywoodLife.com source close to the couple, the rumors of Emilio's creepin' aren't true.

Rich Amundson says he hung out with Emilio the night Snooki first started suspecting her guido was cheating. He says Emilio didn't speak with any trash bags at all that night and he even crashed on Amundson's couch that evening.

He also claims that the girl in pictures with Emilio on Facebook is just a friend and her boyfriend was present when they were taken.

Amundson goes on to refute the rumors that Emilio was dating Snooki to get on "The Real World."