'Jersey Shore' season 4: Florence, Italy subs for Seaside Heights

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js4-11.jpgOn Thursday (Aug. 4), MTV returns to the "Jersey Shore," except that this time around the GTL crew got way upgraded , with Florence, Italy standing in for their usual tee-shirt time stomping grounds.

What will a European vacation bring for our favorite fist-pumpers? Well, thanks to the ever-vigilant paparazzi -- and the unhushable hijinks of the "JS" cast, we already know some of what is set to unfold.

If you'd prefer to go into season 4 with no clue about what to expect, stop reading now and come back later for our post-premiere recap. This stuff hardly counts as spoilers, but we'd rather warn:

>> Snooki crashes into a cop car: In May, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi drove into a parked cop car. No alcohol was involved and though a couple of Italian police officers sustained light injuries, Snooki's pouf was unaffected.

>> Ronnie vs. the Situation:
Not a huge shock that these two finally duke it out. We're not going to say who won, but we know who we'd put our money on FTW.

>> Pale: Apparently the crew had trouble finding a place to complete the "tanning" part of their GTL trifecta. They fade to almost human coloring by the end of the season.

What are you looking forward to from season 4 of "Jersey Shore," zappers?

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Photo/Video credit: MTV