'Jersey Shore's' Angelina becoming an EMT: 5 more bad celebrity job ideas

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She didn't end up with her own reality show, or even a career, after leaving "Jersey Shore," so Angelina Pivarnick is going back to school to become, of all things, an EMT. That's right, the woman who rolled around on the floor, fighting with Snooki, is going to be out there saving lives. Let that sink in a minute.

Pivarnick shared the news of her career change with TMZ, prompting many to scratch their heads in confusion.  Now, join Zap2it as we figure out the jobs five other celebrities should definitely not aim for, should their TV careers ever fall apart.

Jack Gleeson as a Walmart greeter

"Game of Thrones" fans love to hate Gleeson's King Joffrey, and with good reason. He's a horrible human being and deserves the hate. Unfortunately for Gleeson, some have a hard time separating the actor from the character, even if he's doing charity work in Haiti. Gleeson says he'll be done with acting after "Game of Thrones," so he'll need work. Being the friendly face at the front of a Walmart is not advised, though. Shoppers won't take too kindly to King Joffrey standing in their way.

Matt Smith as a doctor

Sure, he was the Doctor, but that doesn't necessarily mean he should be a doctor. Smith could go through all of he school it takes to become an actual medical doctor, but the moment a patient walks into his office it's going to be a never-ending stream of sonic screwdriver jokes and asking where his TARDIS is.

Kim Kardashian as anything remotely professional

Can anyone take her seriously? She was first introduced to the world via a sex tape, has documented the last six years of her life in  "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and is engaged to Kanye West. The Kardashian family is a success story, as much as you don't want to admit it, but can you imagine Kim in an office setting? You don't have to -- chances are it would be something like this clip from Tyler Perry's "Temptation."

Katey Sagal as a child-care provider

Given her character history, Sagal is probably not someone you'd feel comfortable leaving your kids with. From her days as a neglectful parent on "Married .. With Children," to her current role on "Sons of Anarchy," how could she be trusted? Even though Gemma loves her son and grandchildren more than anything else in the world, she's a destructive force in their lives. Of course, Sagal is a mother of three in the real world, but dropping your kids off in her care would definitely be a little strange.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi as an author

Sticking with the "Jersey Shore" theme, why on Earth would anyone ever buy a book written by Snooki? She doesn't have much to say, as was evidenced by her time on the show, and there's really not anyone would want to learn from her. However, the sad fact is Polizzi is an author, having written or co-written four different books about her life. Thankfully, they're poorly received and don't sell well, for the most part.
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