'Jersey Shore's' Snooki resembles an upside down 'turnip'? Oh, snap!

jersey-shore-snooki-drunk-death-charges.jpg" Jersey Shore" reality TV star Snooki has become a cultural phenomenon whose deep (fake) tan has been referenced by President Barack Obama. Even John McCain tweeted her about using sunscreen, promising that he would not tax her tanning bed.

But now our little pouf-headed party girl has made the big time. She's the subject of an attempted in depth and introspective 2,000 word profile in the The New York Times Sunday Style section by the Grey Lady's style scribe Cathy Horyn

But despite the in-person access to the diminutive guidette, Horyn has concluded that there's just not much there there.

Here are some choice snooty Snooki snippets:

"But trying to hold a conversation with Snooki is a little like getting down on your hands and knees with a child. You have to come down to her level, and sometimes you almost think you need to bribe her with a piece of candy to coax her to be more responsive."