Jesse James cheating: Has Sandra Bullock been hit by the Oscar Curse?

sandra-bullock-jesse-james-oscar.jpgOscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock is reeling from allegations that her husband Jesse James may have had an affair with a tattooed model while she was filming "The Blind Side."

She's canceled her appearance at the London premiere of the film, but so far there is no word from her publicist's office about the Web reports.

Coincidentally, Kate Winslet, who won Best Actress Oscar in 2009, just announced a split from her director husband Sam Mendes.

What is going on? Does this have anything to do with the dreaded Oscar Curse?

What, you don't know about the Oscar Curse? Well, it's real and it does seem like fondling that little gold man causes all kinds of marital and relationship problems for actresses.