Jesse James in same rehab where Sandra Bullock stayed

The Jesse James affair (pun intended) just gets stranger and stranger.

"Bombshell," tattoos and Nazi references aside, it seems that now Jesse's decided to check himself in to rehab at Sierra Tucson, the same facility where his estranged wife Sandra Bullock once stayed.

No, Sandy and Jesse weren't two addicts together (well, not unless you ask Dr. Drew). According to Hollywoodlife, the actress spent several days at Sierra Tucson to research her role in "28 Days."

In the Columbia Pictures 2000 film, Bullock played Gwen, a journalist and alcoholic whose life was falling apart around her. When her out-of-control behavior ruins her sister's wedding, Gwen checks herself into rehab.

"Those next four days were incredibly real and beautiful and some of the most honest time I ever spent with myself or with other people," Bullock revealed  at a press junket about her visit to Sierra Tucson. "I was more honest with these people than I'd ever been with my parents, or my friends."