Jesse James leaves rehab? Gosh, that didn't take long

jesse-james-profile-angr2y.jpg Jesse James has made an astonishingly speedy recovery from his sexual addiction or whatever it was that made him cheat on Sandra Bullock with tattooed strippers, models and porn stars.

A source close to James, tells The Star that the West Coast Chopper mogul has skedaddled outta rehab after only one week.

He's now bunking at a male friend's house, which coincides with the recent removal of a couch, loveseat (don't get us started) and lots of boxes from Jesse and Sandy's Hollywood Hills home.

TMZ even has photos of his mother and his youngest daughter, Sunny, helping move Daddy's things out.

The Star's source claims Jesse -- who entered the rehab on March 26 -- checked out of Arizona's Sierra Tucson Treatment Center within the last few days.