Jesse James to spill his cheating guts on 'Nightline.' Will Sandra Bullock watch?

jesse-james-profile-angr2y.jpgGot some questions for Jesse James?

LIke what's up with your obsession with tattooed strippers like Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee? And what's up with the Nazi hat?

Jesse may provide some answers during his first (and hopefully last) TV appearance on Tuesday  (May 25) at 11:35pm ET/PT on "Nightline." 

He's certainly got a lot of explaining to do.

We hope it's a long interview and touches on Jesse's past, his sex (or drugs) rehab and what the heck he wuz thinking cheating on that little sweetheart Sandra Bullock with strippers and not even wearing condoms. Honestly.

James' has already publicly apologized to Bullock, his wife of nearly five years, and his three kids.